Currently there are 2 versions of the Camel (it is a camel – isn’t it): Windows+Ubuntu 22
Download all (needed) files into a single directory of choice and start with a command line within(!) this directory:

main –color –interactive-start

or Linux:

./main –color –interactive-start

This works with the 7B model (the smallest one).

Other models may be loaded with the “-m <model-name>” option. 😉

Example of 13B model usage:

./main –color –interactive-start -m ggml-alpaca-13b-q4.bin

Download the 'Camels' ... 2023-MAR-31

  1. The executable runs on CPUs supporting the vector extensions (like AVX/NEON/etc)
  2. To simply test it you need only two files: The executable and the 7B model …

Helpful pages and explanation ...

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